Pipeline LAD

Long-Acting Delivery - LAD

We developed LAD for CNS patients who would benefit from improved control, consistency and convenience of long-term medication delivery.

What is LAD?

LAD is comprised of a biodegradable polymer matrix using commonly available medical polymers and an active drug, combined to form a small implant for injection just below the skin. Physicians can remove LAD using a minor outpatient procedure if a decision is made to stop therapy.

To date, we have tested several neuropsychiatric compounds formulated with LAD in multiple animal models. Based on these studies, we believe LAD has the potential to treat patients for up to six months with a single dose of a therapy depending on the active drug. We believe the consistent and continuous drug delivery offered by LAD has the potential to improve efficacy, medication compliance and incidence of drug-related adverse events. We have not yet tested LAD in humans.

LAD Applications

Parkinson’s Disease: We believe LAD is ideally suited to patients battling Parkinson’s Disease, because the consistent and continuous delivery of medication may delay disease progression and improve treatment. We seek a partner for development of this candidate.

Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: We believe the use of LAD for this population will address significant patient non-compliance, and its ability to offer continuous treatment will reduce psychotic breaks, reduce physician visits and improve patient functionality. We are seeking a partner for the development of this candidate.

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