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We developed SmartRelief to address the needs of patients who would benefit from non-oral delivery of medication.

SmartRelief is our proprietary transdermal delivery technology based on iontophoresis, a noninvasive method of actively transporting molecules that are not able to be delivered passively through the skin. Iontophoresis involves the application of mild battery power to the skin through two pads.

How SmartRelief Works

One reservoir contains ionized, or charged, medication. The other reservoir contains a counter ion, commonly sodium chloride, or salt. When a low current is applied, medication molecules travel out of the reservoir into the skin, where blood vessels absorb and disburse them throughout the body.

The SmartRelief microprocessor manages fast, sustained and controlled drug delivery. SmartRelief adjusts the current flow for optimal drug delivery during use without any user input or adjustment. Multiple safety systems prevent over-delivery of the drug or accidental re-use.

The Promise of Active Transdermal Delivery

Unlike passive transdermal technologies, which rely on diffusion for delivery, iontophoresis controls the amount and rate of medication delivery.

Iontophoresis enables transdermal delivery of a variety of medications that cannot be delivered passively through the skin. It is possible to deliver a variety of different medications, including proteins and peptides, using iontophoresis.

This technology positions the company to capitalize on the rapidly expanding global transdermal market.


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